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Personalizing Your Wedding: Choosing The Music

Personalizing Your Wedding: Choosing The Music

When you think about wedding planning, you want to make everything as perfect as possible. The flowers, the décor, the menu, and how the ceremony will go. One important part of the ceremony will be the music that plays while you walk down the aisle. You might have music that plays before and after the ceremony as well. Now your mind starts to spin as you want to think of that one special song or a few special songs that encompass your entire relationship. Don’t forget you have the song for your first dance as well! So how do you choose? Here are a few pointers.

Aisle Length

Do you know how long the aisle will be that you walk down? This will help narrow down your choices for what song to play. Another thought is the tempo of the music. At what pace were you considering walking down the aisle? It will be good to try out a few songs and see if they match how you walk. You certainly don’t want to look like you are hurrying.

Silly or Serious

Another option is to make your walk down the aisle quite an event. Maybe you want the entire wedding party walking down the aisle like they are doing The Stroll. You could start out with classical music playing and then switch to something upbeat and funky to surprise your guests. Part of this will also reflect the level of formality you’ve chosen for your day. The choice is yours.


How will your music be played? Will you have a harpist, DJ, guitar, orchestra, or singer? These choices will help set the mood for your day. You know how you hear a song from your favorite artist, and then they release an acoustic version, and it sounds completely different? This is how the songs you choose will sound, depending on the instruments used to play them. It’s a great idea to see if you can find your songs in several versions to see if there is a version that hits you in a deeper way.


Have you ever liked a song because you focused on the beat and the way you felt when you heard it, but had no idea what the lyrics were? It is a good idea to know what messages the songs you choose are conveying. You want to make sure that the lyrics are appropriate for the formality of your wedding. Additionally, you want to make sure that you both relate the same way to the song.

When you personalize your music to reflect your personality as a couple, you can listen and fondly remember your wedding day for years to come!



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