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After Wedding Checklist

After Wedding Checklist

While the big day may be behind you, there are still important tasks to complete after the celebration. This after-wedding checklist will help you tie up loose ends, express gratitude, and make necessary updates to ensure a smooth transition into married life. Let’s dive into the essential tasks you should tackle post-wedding.

Thank You Cards

Express your heartfelt appreciation to your guests by sending out personalized thank you cards. Take the time to mention the specific gifts received and the role each guest played in making your wedding day special. This thoughtful gesture will leave a lasting impression. You can enlist your wedding party to help you keep track of envelopes that were received and who sent gifts or brought them to your place. Your thank you cards should be a priority after you return from your honeymoon.

Wedding Albums

Preserve your precious memories by ordering wedding albums or frames for your favorite photos. Select the best shots from your wedding photographer and create a beautifully curated collection that you can cherish for years to come. You can also choose to pick up some albums/frames to share with special people in your life. These can make great gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day.

Emergency Contacts

Now that you’re married, update your emergency contact information. Make sure to include your spouse as your primary emergency contact and inform your family members, healthcare providers, and employer about the change. Additionally, make sure that everyone’s names are correct on all the contact forms. If you had your significant other as your emergency contact and now their last name has been updated, it’s important that everyone knows.


While it may not be the most romantic task, updating or creating a will is an essential step after marriage. Review your existing will or consult with an attorney to create one that reflects your new marital status and any changes in your assets or beneficiaries.

Insurance Policies

Notify your insurance providers of your marital status change. Update policies such as health insurance, life insurance, and car insurance to include your spouse as a beneficiary or policyholder if necessary. This will ensure adequate coverage and protection for both of you. Additionally, pay attention to how prices change by adding these individuals.

Leave Reviews

Take the time to write reviews for your wedding vendors on platforms such as wedding websites, social media, or review sites if you haven’t already done so. Share your positive experiences and provide valuable feedback that can assist future couples in their decision-making process.

Complete Wedding Registry:

Review your wedding registry and ensure that all gifts have been received. Follow up on any outstanding items or exchanges. If there are remaining registry funds, decide how you would like to utilize them, whether it’s for additional gifts or store credit. Also, you can see if there was something you really wanted that you didn’t receive. You can then decide to purchase it for yourself.

Completing these essential tasks after your wedding will help you start your married life off right. By checking off these items, you’ll be able to fully embrace the next chapter of your life as a married couple.


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