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Wedding Trends For 2023

Wedding Trends For 2023

One of the best ways to get ideas for all aspects of your wedding is to check out the trends. There are numerous articles as the year ends that discuss what people feel will be the dominating themes for weddings in the new year. These can be trends for honeymoons, décor, florals, wedding dresses, attendant attire, and more. We took the time to sort through the various trends for the coming year and wanted to share what we’ve found.

Destination Weddings

One thing that has been on couples’ minds regarding their wedding is to get away from it all and get married in the same place they want to honeymoon. These honeymoon-ready weddings are taking place in areas such as Spain, France, and Italy. These weddings offer the couple the opportunity to have new experiences and see new sights while they are beginning their lives together. The potential cost effectiveness of having these kinds of weddings is that the guest list will be smaller than if they had a local event. Some couples will have two events, one to share with friends and family who cannot travel, and another in the place of their honeymoon.

Outdoor Wedding

Another trend on the rise is having an outdoor wedding. This might have been influenced by all the time people have been staying home in the past and now wanting to reconnect with nature and have a natural backdrop. Outdoor weddings provide natural light for your celebration and depending on the time of year, colorful surroundings. The Park Chateau has beautifully manicured gardens and water features that are perfect for your wedding, for guests to mingle, or for pictures as the day goes on.

Intimate Weddings

An intimate wedding is a smaller one that includes family and friends, but most likely won’t include friends of friends, acquaintances, or workmates. Some couples plan this type of wedding to be able to spend more on the honeymoon, have a more intricate floral display, or want to make the wedding day a smaller affair. The money saved on the guest list can be spent on décor, where the wedding will take place, fun favors for the guests or specialty foods.

Family/Friends Officiate

A trend that is on the rise is having a friend or family member officiate the wedding. This can be a choice if there is no religious affiliation and family or friends are able to legally perform a marriage ceremony. Choosing someone to officiate is an important decision to make, and you want to choose someone who will not have a problem standing in front of others and can remain focused on the ceremony. Working with them to discuss how you want the ceremony to go will greatly alleviate any stress that anyone feels. Additionally, make sure you rehearse how you want the ceremony to go.

Petite Bouquet

A trend that began a few years ago will continue into the new year. This is couples choosing petite bouquets over ornate and heavy bouquets. They can make these bouquets stand out by the color of the flowers they use, the size of the flowers, and the decorative arrangement that is configured. This can mean that the colors chosen are bolder and brighter.

These are some ideas to get you started when you begin to dream about your wedding day. Wedding trends change as the years come and go, but these ideas can spark any number of creative thoughts that help you begin the planning process.


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