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Wedding Transportation

Wedding Transportation

Your wedding day will have many moving parts. Planning for flowers, music, menu options, seating charts, and more. One important thing that also needs to be considered is your wedding transportation. Having wedding transportation can allow your wedding guests and your attendants to all arrive at the various destinations on time. For your wedding attendants, this can mean not having to wait for anyone in the wedding party who may be running late, so you can take the wedding photos. Here are some things to consider when planning your wedding transportation.

Happy Couple

You will need a way to travel between destinations if you are getting ready in one place, having your wedding in another, and then traveling to your reception. Then again, at the end of the night, when you will be whisked off to your wedding suite. Your choice in transportation can be a functional car or maybe you want an eye catcher. Some couples also show off their car choice in their wedding photos. Either having one or two cars displayed prominently in their photos.

Wedding Attendants

If you want your wedding attendants to arrive on time everywhere they need to be, then shared wedding transportation can be the answer. You can choose a limo or a shuttle bus, among other options. Your car choice will be dependent on personal preference and also dictated by the size of your wedding party. You can review your budget constraints and think of everything extra that will be in the cars besides just people. This could include flowers, extra accessories, hats, and potentially coats if it is cold.


When thinking of your guests, you can focus on out-of-town guests, your close family, and any guests that might not be able to drive themselves to the event. Your out-of-town guests may or may not rent a car when they get into town. Allowing transportation for them helps cut down on individuals getting lost in a city they are not familiar with.

Added Whimsy

When you are considering the type of transportation, you have many options. Focusing on your transportation, you could go the traditional route or pick something exotic. There are sports cars, golf carts, antique cars, horse-drawn carriages, sleighs, and more. For your wedding attendants, you can look at a trolley, a VW bus, a party bus, a limousine, or a double-decker bus, etc. Some options will depend on the time of year, the demand for your first choice, your budget, and if any of the venues have limitations on what is allowed.


It is best to consider your transportation needs around six months before your wedding. Brainstorm ideas about transportation considering guests’ needs, size of wedding party, the number of close family and friends who will be attending, and any limitations that your venues might have.

Choosing your wedding transportation can be a fun process. Maybe you can choose a car that you’ve always dreamed of experiencing. What better time than your wedding? Or maybe you can choose something whimsical to add to the personalization of your day. Something that is a combination of both of your tastes. Whatever you choose, your day will be magical.


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