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Wedding Band Trends for Men

Wedding Band Trends for Men

You can kiss the tradition flat, bland, gold wedding band goodbye. Just as wedding traditions have evolved, so have wedding band trends for men. Men can now get more comfortable, stylish wedding bands that truly reflect their personality. Keep reading to learn more about the top wedding band trends for men!


Mixed Metals

Mixed metals are quickly becoming one of the most popular wedding band trends for grooms. Mixing white and yellow gold is a popular combination, but more often we are seeing black stainless steel mixed with white gold to create a stylish wedding band that will go with almost any outfit.


Platinum is In

While gold or white gold are the most obvious choices for a wedding band, platinum is becoming a more popular option as well. With platinum, you can get a subdued matte finish, but keep in mind that this finish can scratch so you will need to take good care of it.


Natural Materials

As people get creative with their wedding bands, they’re also gravitating to different materials. In fact, some wedding rings aren’t made of metal at all! Consider an epoxy wedding band for art lovers or a wooden one if you’re into woodworking or nature. If you don’t want to go too eccentric with your wedding band, you can also opt for a wood inlay in a more traditional metal wedding band.


Diamonds are a Man’s Best Friend

Diamonds are typically considered a woman’s best friend, but they are being utilized in men’s wedding bands more and more! White diamonds aren’t the only option, either. You can choose a more masculine black diamond, or even yellow and champagne diamonds to accent your wedding band.


Personalized Bands

Personalized wedding bands are also becoming increasingly popular. Consider having your wedding band engraved with your wedding date, your wife’s name, or better yet, let her pick a special engraving that you won’t find out until the day of! This is a sweet way to add a personal touch to an already meaningful piece of jewelry.


Silicone Alternatives

While you won’t exchange a silicone ring on the wedding day, these types of rings are becoming all the rage. Men that want to wear their wedding band all the time, but work in a hands-on job that could cause it to get damaged, love these rings! They’re also great to wear while your exercising or hanging out at the beach so you don’t have to worry about it getting scuffed up or losing it.


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