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Visually Striking Places For Florals At Your Wedding

Visually Striking Places For Florals At Your Wedding

An important part of your wedding day is the flowers you choose for your décor. Flowers can symbolize your love and add beauty to your day. What’s great about flowers is that there is no set amount of flowers that are considered ideal. It is subjective, and everyone has their own thoughts about the perfect flowers for their day. Along with the perfect amount of flowers, there are several places where flowers can be placed as well. More than just lining your wedding aisle, being placed as a centerpiece on your reception tables, or the bouquets that everyone carries, you can create striking visuals all around your venue. Here are some ideas for florals.

Venue Suites

The suites where the wedding party is getting ready are great places to begin showcasing your wedding florals. It adds a level of beauty and romance to begin the day, which helps deepen the mood. Flowers also create a sense of softness and creativity in your space as well. If you have anyone in the wedding party who will be getting married, then they will begin asking you all kinds of questions about your floral décor.

Cake Display

Another great place to add florals to your space is around the cake display. The flowers can be part of the cake itself or beautifully placed around the cake to highlight the area. Having flowers around your cake display can help bring all the areas of your wedding together. You can either have a large display that begins on the ground or have a table display with a tablecloth and flowers strewn around your cake. Other elements, such as candles, ribbons, and other small décor pieces, can be added to the display to personalize your cake display even more.

Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery can include invitations, reply cards, escort cards, and wedding signage as a few examples. These are great areas to incorporate florals into your day. Your wedding invitations can incorporate dried flowers as either part of the invitation (on the paper) or as part of the wax seal. Dried/pressed flowers can make your invitations cost more due to special handling that will be needed when they go through the mail.

The escort card table can be adorned with flowers to welcome guests as they arrive. The flowers can decorate the table, or they can be part of the escort card. Florals can be incorporated both ways as well. Just make sure that guests can easily see which flowers to pick up and which to just enjoy.

Wedding signage can include seating charts, bar menus, or direction signs. Any of these can have flowers around it (ex. an arch) or flowers incorporated into the sign.


A perfect place to add flowers to your day is on a staircase. If the staircase is long and winding, you can either cover the whole railing or cover half the railing (bottom half) with flowers. You can also choose to line the sides of the steps with flowers, either with the railing or by itself. Yet another option is just to decorate the bottom of the staircase, going slightly up the stairs. You can use a mix of flowers and candles/lanterns as well.

No matter where you decide to add flowers on your wedding day, it will look gorgeous. Incorporating floral arrangements around your wedding venue can add a touch of beauty and elegance that will make your special day even more memorable. With a little creativity, you can transform any space into a breathtaking floral paradise that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.


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