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Veil Options For Your Wedding

Veil Options For Your Wedding

A finishing touch to your wedding look is choosing a veil to go with your dress. There are many veil options that you have when deciding which one to wear. There are different styles, lengths, and more. Here are some ideas to get you started picking your perfect veil.

Cathedral Veil

One of the longest veils that you can choose is the cathedral length veil. This veil will be longer than the train of your dress and is definitely a statement piece. This veil can be 108”–120” in length. The length of the veil is something to consider for the wedding but might become a hindrance at the reception or in general when trying to move around. A secondary veil of shorter length or just removing your veil are great choices for reducing the opportunity for tripping over it or having someone step on it as the night goes on.

Chapel Veil

The chapel length veil can be between 85”–95” in length. This can be a veil choice if you still want the veil to be long without having too much fabric brushing the ground. Less veil fabric can also alleviate some of the weight that you might feel from a cathedral length veil. You can always try the different lengths on to see how much fabric will be brushing the floor as you move about the room.

Floor Length/Waltz Veil

The next shortest veils are the floor length, which can be 72” in length, and the Waltz Veil, which can be 60” in length. These are great choices for those that want a long veil but don’t want it touching the floor. These veils do not need to be removed before the reception if you would like to keep them on.

Knee Length Veil

Now the veils are not going to be touching the floor at all, so you can keep the veil on while dancing, eating, and mingling with your guests if you like. This veil length is 48”. With less fabric, these veils can be more comfortable to wear.

Fingertip Length

Fingertip length veils are normally between 38”–40”. This is one of the more popular styles due to the freedom of movement that it allows while still wearing a veil of length.

Elbow Length/Shoulder Length

These two veil lengths are 32” for the elbow length and 20”–22” for the shoulder length. These veils are a great way to frame your face and give you the veil look with all the fabric.

Bird Cage Veil

One of the shortest veils is the bird cage veil. This veil has a length of 4”–9”. This type of veil will cover your eyes or part of your face and might be attached with a hair comb. These can be worn straight on the head or at an angle depending on the styling.

Choosing your veil length could be determined by personal preference or your budget. The style of your dress will also affect the veil that you choose. You want to make sure that the style of your dress is not diminished by where the veil stops. Sometimes that veil can cause an unflattering line due to where it stops against your body.

Other veil options that you have are the fabric the veil is made out of, any pattern on the fabric, and if it is a single or double fabric veil. How these look can be affected by the shape of your face, the hairstyle you plan on wearing that day, or if you plan on more than one hairstyle for the evening. There are many options when choosing your veil, so it is best to try out several when you are choosing your wedding outfit.


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