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The Beauty of the Escort Card

The Beauty of the Escort Card

Your reception is a time to relax and enjoy finally being married! One thing you want to do is help your guests find their seats so that everyone is evenly spaced out throughout your hall or ballroom. One way to do this is to have a seating chart for the reception. You can go the full route and assign a specific seat for each guest, or you can have a more relaxed approach and assign guests to a table only and allow them to pick where they sit at the table. You can do this with an escort card. Here are some tips for smooth reception seating.

Place Card/Escort Card

Place cards can be used for a reception to assign a specific seat at a specific table for each guest. In this instance, we are discussing an escort card. This will have the guests’ names and which table they will be sitting at. Since the guests’ names will be on a card, you will need a way to display the cards for the guests to find their tables. One thing you don’t want to do is to have all the cards at the same table. If you have a lot of guests, this will mean a crowd around the table.

Escort Card Display

You could display the cards on several tables or have an upright display that allows a larger number of people to see the cards at one time. You could have two upright displays, one on each side of the reception entrance. You want to make sure that the escort cards are displayed early so that guests can trickle through and see their table numbers. This will allow a more even flow instead of having everyone find out at the same time.

Guest Names

While intricate calligraphy is beautiful, you want to make sure that the names on the escort cards are easily read by the largest number of guests. This could mean having larger print cards, having the cards at an angle on the table or a display so that the lighting is not bouncing off of them, creating a glare, or making sure the cards are at a height that is easy to read.

Display Decor

You can decorate your escort card/display with the same theme as your wedding decorations. This will make the area festive and give the table visual interest to draw your guests to it. You just want to make sure that the table isn’t too busy so that guests can still find their cards.


If you are handling the seating arrangements yourself, make sure you have the guest cards sorted by table before you need them. Even if you have friends/family help, do not wait until the last minute to coordinate the cards. You want to be able to relax and enjoy your reception and not have to worry about finding seats for anyone. Having a diagram for the seating will go a long way to reducing stress.

Your reception is a time to relax and celebrate! Having seating determined for your guests can reduce confusion and increase your guests’ enjoyment.



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