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Style Tips For The Fathers Of The Couple

Style Tips For The Fathers Of The Couple

Even though it is the couples’ day, everyone wants to look their best at a wedding. The eyes are not only on the couple but also on the family as well. At some weddings, the parents walk down the aisle as part of the ceremony. The wedding party takes their cues from the couple when they are determining their style of dress. The wedding couple will tell them the color scheme and clothing desires that they want them to adhere to for the wedding. But what about the fathers of the couple? Are there rules that they need to follow for the wedding? Here are some style tips for the fathers of the couple.

How Formal?

It is best for the fathers of the couple to match the formality of the wedding itself. If the couple is planning a formal affair, then the fathers of the couple will dress in formal attire as well. This can mean a tuxedo or formal suit. If the couple has a less formal wedding planned, then the fathers of the couple should plan accordingly. This could mean a suit and tie. They can always ask the couple for style tips to match the mood of the event if they are unsure.


Along with matching the formality of the event, the fathers can also match accessories or coordinate colors with the male attendants. This can be done by choosing the same color or a complementary color as the male attendants. If the male attendants are wearing light-colored suits, then the fathers can choose light-colored suits as well. A way to make this easy for everyone is if the suits are going to be rented for the day, rent all the suits at the same time. This way, you can ensure that the suits are well coordinated.

Stand Apart

One way to have the fathers of the couple stand apart from the rest of the attendants is to choose a signature accessory for each of them. This can be a lapel pin, pocket square, boutonniere, pocket watch, or some other accessory. The fathers of the couple will be coordinating their outfits with their spouses as well. This is why it is good to let everyone know what the color scheme and style specifications are at the same time. This allows everyone to ask questions to make sure they understand the fashion elements of the event.


Other style tips for the event are to make sure that the suit is well fitted to the body type of the fathers. You want to make sure that the suit is not too long, too tight, or too big. A bad cut for a suit will ruin the look and can be uncomfortable for them, which will affect how they enjoy their day. The shoes should be shined if necessary and the ties straight and perfectly tied.

This is a major event in a father’s life,  watching their child join lives with another and begin this new chapter. Fathers will be proud and a little sad as the event draws near and then is completed. These style tips offer fathers a chance to have one less thing to concentrate on when their child is getting married.


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