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Simple Ways to Modernize Your Wedding Ceremony

Simple Ways to Modernize Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are often thought of as stuffy and boring. However, that’s not always the case! If you are looking to step things up a bit and modernize your wedding ceremony, here are six tips for you:


Choose a Mismatched Bridal Party

Another way to modernize your wedding ceremony is by forgoing the tradition of forcing bridesmaids into matching dresses. Instead allow them to mix and match colors—within reason—styles, fabrics, and cuts. This not only modernizes your wedding but can also add another level of complexity in your stunning wedding photos.


Say Yes to White

One of the best ways to modernize a wedding ceremony is by using white throughout. White is a clean, classic color that is both timeless and modern. Choose a white bouquet, white chair covers, white floral arrangements or even a white runner down the aisle.


Use Sand or Colored Water Instead of Candle Lighting

While couples traditionally light a candle to signify their union and becoming one, there are other more modern and creative ways to do this at your wedding ceremony. Many couples use different colored sand, pouring it into a vase that they can keep and display forever. Other couples use different colored water, though we suggest trying out the color combination ahead of time to make sure it looks pretty when mixed together!


Allow Both Parents to Escort You Down the Aisle

While tradition states that a woman’s father walks her down the aisle, things are changing. If both of your parents had a hand in raising you and you have a strong relationship with both of them, why let tradition dictate who escorts you? Instead, consider asking both of your parents to walk you down the aisle and make it a family affair!


Change Up Your Officiant

Another way to stray from tradition and modernize your wedding ceremony is to change up the officiant of your wedding. This person does not need to be a spiritual leader and instead, can be a close relative or friend who truly knows you as a couple. Not only does this add more intimacy to your wedding, but it also creates a more modernized ceremony. Plus, you can also ask others to come up a give a reading, whether it be of religious nature, from your favorite song, or a passage from a book.


Host an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at the Park Savoy Estate!

If you are looking to modernize your wedding, a stunning outdoor ceremony at The Park Savoy Estate is the perfect way to do so. Not only will it provide you with ample opportunities for gorgeous wedding photos, but it will also allow your guests, to enjoy the bright, beautiful outdoors as is a staple of modern weddings. To schedule your tour or learn more about everything The Park Savoy Estate has to offer, contact us today! Our knowledgeable event planners will be happy to show you around and discuss how we can make your modern wedding dreams come true.

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