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Setting Up The Perfect Cake Display

Setting Up The Perfect Cake Display

One of the ways you can let your creativity flow during your wedding day is working out how you’d like your wedding cake to be displayed. Most wedding cakes are set up to be statement pieces by themselves. If you are having a beautiful cake made from a bakery, you want the place it is being displayed to be as stunning as the cake itself. What are some ways to beautify the area? Here are some suggestions for a beautiful cake display.

Cake Stand

Consider using a cake stand to show off your culinary confection. You need to make sure that the stand that you use is the right size and sturdiness for the cake you have chosen. You can choose from many varieties, sizes, and colors. The cake stands come in many materials as well. When you choose this item, then you can decide how else you would like to decorate the table.

Table Covering

Another great way to decorate your table is by choosing a table covering. You could use just a tablecloth, a table runner, a tablecloth with an overlay, and more. This choice can be made when you determine how much you are going to have on the table beside the cake. The colors can be the same as your wedding colors or complementary to your colors.


Your wedding flowers can also be used as part of the display for your wedding cake. In a previous post, we discussed repurposing your flowers from your wedding area. You can also have a completely different set of flowers for your cake area. Your florist can help you determine the perfect options for you. This display can be as small or as big as you want.


Your venue might have a specific place that the cake display is set up in, or you might be able to choose on your own. You want to make sure that the cake is not in a main walkway where it might be bumped by guests, but it is in a place where guests can see it. You might want to consider the pros and cons of a few options when you are looking at your reception space.


Another factor for your cake display is making sure that the lighting around your cake is proper. You can have an overhead light, add candles around or on the table, set up some uplighting, or colored lights in your wedding colors. You want to make sure that any of the lighting that is set up does not affect the integrity of the cake. The last thing you want to see is your frosting melting because the cake is getting warm.

Cake Cutting

When you are setting up where your cake display is going to be located and what will be on the table, you should keep in mind the plan for when the cake is going to be initially cut. You want to consider if everyone who wants to see the cake cutting will be able to fit near the cake to see it, and you want to consider the room that will be needed for whoever is cutting the cake for the guests. The cake will be cut, and the dishes displayed, so you want an area big enough to accommodate this. Another factor to be considered is to ensure that guests know what can and cannot be eaten regarding the cake and the display area. Some guests are not as familiar with decorative objects placed on a cake and might try to eat an inedible part. It is important to ensure that these items are out of the area where guests are taking their pieces from, or there is a clear indication of what not to eat.

Following these guidelines, you can have a cake display that includes all the elements that you want to add to the memories of your wedding day.


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