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Say ‘I Do’ to These Spring Wedding Trends for a Stunning Ceremony

Say ‘I Do’ to These Spring Wedding Trends for a Stunning Ceremony

In the spring, the weather begins to warm up and the flowers begin to bloom. This is the perfect season to say “I do!” If you are planning a wedding in the spring, you will want to know about the latest trends and practices to create a memorable day! There are many ideas from where to have the ceremony, to what types of flowers are in season, to best practices for your wedding day, and more. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top inspiring spring wedding trends to assist you in planning your big day.


More and more couples are having an unplugged wedding day. Would you consider this? This means that guests are asked to refrain from taking photos or videos during the couple’s special day. You can either have it just for the ceremony or have this be your goal for your entire day. Couples consider this due to how distracting all the flashing/clicking, and various notification sounds are while they are standing with their partner and professing their love for each other. There are many ways to address this with your guests. You can display a sign at the entrance where you are getting married. Your officiant can state that the ceremony is unplugged before the ceremony begins, and you can even have it as part of your invitation with a reminder at the ceremony’s location.

Outdoor Ceremony

With spring comes the beginning of the outdoor wedding season! The natural surroundings add to the breathtaking beauty of your day. The warmth of the sunshine, the flowers beginning to bloom, and everyone is excited about warmer weather. These things and more have couples looking forward to an outdoor ceremony. Park Chateau is the perfect place to hold your spring wedding! The gorgeous gardens and stunning landscape offer a fairytale-like atmosphere to say “I do!” outdoors.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers add another level of romance to your day. Flowers can be used in bouquets, boutonnieres, tablescapes, your cake table, staircases, your wedding aisle, and more. Flowers that are in season for spring are tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, roses, orchids, peonies, freesia, snapdragons, and gardenias. You could even decorate where you get ready with flowers to brighten your space further. Flowers can be used in big displays (wedding arches) or smaller arrangements (short centerpieces). The ideas are almost limitless on how to make flowers part of your day.

Wedding Boxes

Here is a great concept that can take your wedding to another level. Everyone is familiar with the idea of having wedding favors. These are small trinkets that are given to the guests to take home from the wedding as a reminder of the wonderful event. Everyone, though, might not be familiar with wedding boxes. These are boxes or gift bags that are assembled for the guests to receive when they arrive at the wedding. In the boxes or bags, you can place things such as ChapStick, snacks (salty & sweet), bottles of water, custom labeled items (tissue boxes, lotions, teas), so that guests have some treats and useful items to use during the celebration. During the warmer months, hand fans could be appropriate.

As the weather warms and the sun makes an appearance more often than not, think of these spring wedding trends to incorporate into your day! There are many possibilities for décor, flowers, your wedding ceremony, and gifts you can use to create a memorable event that reflects your personality and style. Your wedding day will be a showstopper!


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