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Save Vs. Splurge: Honeymoon Edition

Save Vs. Splurge: Honeymoon Edition

Many couples look forward to their honeymoon even more than the wedding. It’s a time to relax, to enjoy each other, and to experience the best that a new city or town has to offer. But after so much money going toward the wedding, it’s common for couples to struggle with dividing up the money for the honeymoon budget. Discover where you should save vs. splurge when it comes to your honeymoon.

Save: Location & Travel

If you’re on a budget, consider honeymooning somewhere closer to home. You should able to find some surprisingly exotic, luxurious places within a day’s travel of your home town or city. This way, you’ll save hundreds if not thousands on gas or air fare—money that you can allocate to other expenses.

Of course, if you’re viewing your honeymoon as a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and you really want to travel overseas or to the tropics, do it! Find a travel agent or trusted online service that can help you book a great deal. Secure your vacation package far in advance so you get the maximum savings. If possible, schedule your wedding and honeymoon during the off-season to score the best prices.

Splurge: Lodging

The most important part of your honeymoon is having a comfortable, clean, romantic place to retreat at night—or to enjoy for most of the day, if you like. Assign the largest portion of your budget to ensuring that you have a beautiful place to stay with plenty of on-site services, dining, and amenities.

Some travel experts suggest taking the cheapest room at the most luxurious hotel you can afford. For a lower price, you’ll have access to all the same delightful amenities as others who pay more for an ocean-view or extra space.

Save: Incidentals, Drinks, and Souvenirs

Be careful about the incidentals and souvenirs at the hotel and local shops. Skip the imprinted, logo-stamped touristy items and focus on collecting photos and memories instead.

Avoid overpaying for drinks at restaurants or at the mini-bar. Instead, purchase your favorite drinks and create your own bar in your hotel room.

Splurge: Activities

The extra money you save by drinking in your room and skipping the souvenirs can go toward memorable activities, like a river trip in a glass-bottomed boat, a deep-sea fishing expedition, a couple’s massage, a visit to a beautiful historic spot, or a carriage ride. If you splurge on your lodging package, you’ll also have all the on-site activities and amenities at your hotel or resort to enjoy.

Save: Food

While you’ll probably want to splurge on some meals during your honeymoon, you can also save big by preparing a few meals in your room. Muffins bought from a local grocery store’s bakery make a delicious breakfast and will cost less than a café might charge. You can purchase the ingredients for gourmet sandwiches, keep them in your hotel room’s fridge, and enjoy a low-key yet delicious lunch or dinner.

Another way to save money on food is to find lesser-known jewels around the area where you’re staying—casual local eateries, out-of-the-way nooks, or locally beloved diners with plenty of old-school charm.

Before you can enjoy the delights of your honeymoon, you have to get married! If you don’t have a venue yet, call us at Nanina’s in the Park and we’ll set up a tour so you can come view our fantastic ballroom and beautiful grounds—the perfect setting for the day of yours dreams.

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