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Popular Wedding Dessert Ideas to Delight Your Guests

Popular Wedding Dessert Ideas to Delight Your Guests

The guests have witnessed your union, relished a delightful cocktail hour, and savored a delectable dinner. Now, it’s time for dessert. While wedding cake is the traditional choice for most receptions, imagine offering a diverse array of options to cater to different preferences and accommodate those who may not desire cake. By expanding your wedding dessert selection, you can provide an assortment of delectable treats that will surely delight your guests. Here are several choices to consider:


Donuts have been a trendy item for some time. They are a great addition to your dessert selection. When you determine how many donuts you will need, then you can figure out how best to display them. There have been donut walls, where individual donuts are hung on pegs. This makes it easy for guests to come up and take one without disturbing the other ones. You can incorporate your donuts into the layers of your wedding cake to make your cake look taller as well. If you have a separately tiered cake, you can either have donuts as the bottom layer or alternate cake layers and donut layers. Other options include creating a tower of donuts (or donut holes) or setting up a donut display table with various flavors of donuts for guests to choose from.

Dessert Bar

Another great choice for a wedding dessert option is to offer a dessert bar. You can offer a table or tables filled with brownies, macarons, individual servings of mousse, cheesecake squares, fruit tartlets, and more. This way, the guests can come to the table and just pick up a dessert without anyone needing to serve them before they choose one. The desserts can be mixed among the table, so there is a general variety all over, or the desserts can be grouped together to make it easier for guests to see what is available.

Dessert Stations

Like the dessert bar, you can also have dessert stations. These can be set up where the guests are served by the staff. Some options are to have a hot dessert station, such as waffles with butter and syrup, Dutch pancakes, or crepes with various fillings. If you go for a cold dessert station, you could have ice cream or gelato with waffle cones and toppings available as well. These types of stations are best manned by staff to keep the area clean and usable by the guests. If the options require any type of building their dessert by the guests, it is best to have staff handle this.

Chocolate Fountain

A great option for guests is to have a flowing chocolate fountain. You can choose between one or two fountains and white and dark or milk chocolate choices. The number of items to drench in chocolate can be almost endless. The choices can also be displayed in such a way that the guests are able to grab and go themselves. Pretzel rods are easy to grab, fruit can be put on a stick to keep fingers out of the chocolate, as well as putting marshmallows on a long stick as well. The fruit can be cubed or cut into pretty shapes to add to the

When choosing additional desserts for your wedding celebration, keep in mind your budget, the theme of your wedding, what season your wedding is falling in, and any special preferences that you want to follow on your wedding day. We’ve given you many ideas to start with. You can also look over our menus to see the options that we offer for a wedding dessert.


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