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Personalizing Your Wedding Look With The Perfect Tie

Personalizing Your Wedding Look With The Perfect Tie

Your wedding day is the kind of occasion that you will remember for the rest of your life. You want to make sure you look your best because you know every detail matters. The guests are planned, the menu, and the color palette, and you know that how you look will help set the tone for the day. After the general color scheme is determined, you can personalize your look even more, to stand out from your wedding attendants, by choosing the perfect tie to go with your suit. You’ll want your tie to express your individual style, complement your suit, and impress your partner. Thinking about a tie for this occasion can have you wondering what options are available. We’ve got you covered with tie options to get you started.

Classic Necktie

Depending on the formality of your day, the classic necktie is a great option! There are numerous patterns and colors available for your tie, and you will be able to match it to any wedding color scheme. If you want to add some extra style to your necktie, you can research different ways to tie a necktie. You will find that there are more ways than you could have even imagined! Some tying techniques include the Kelvin Knot, an Eldredge Knot, the Fishbone Knot, a Café Knot, and a Trinity Knot. This is a small sampling of options. Check the Internet for techniques and photos.


A way to differentiate you from your wedding attendants would be to choose an ascot. An ascot is a broad necktie or scarf. Like the classic necktie, there are many colors and patterns that are available. Additionally, there are different ways to wear them as well. It is best to determine if the ascot should be plain or patterned to match the rest of the wedding party. You can have a matching pocket square to further enhance your choice. You might also consider a tie pin.

Bow Tie

Although a tuxedo is traditionally paired with a classic black bowtie and can be worn on formal occasions, it is not limited to such events. So, even if your wedding is not a formal affair, you can still opt for a bowtie if that’s your preference. These can either be the self-tied option (or you can get someone else to tie it and slip it over your head if needed), or the clip-on variety, or there are pre-tied varieties as well that are chosen by neck size. There are a variety of tying options for the bowtie as well. There is a batwing tie, a butterfly tie, and a diamond point tie, to name a few.

Finishing Touches

If you have a tie that needs to be secured, there are a number of options to choose from. There is a tie clip, which has a spring to open and close the “jaw” of the clip to secure your tie to your shirt. There are tie pins (fastener, chain, or t-bar), which can be attached to the middle of the tie and go through a buttonhole of the shirt, or be pierced through the tie and shirt and fastened on the inside. Additionally, there is a tie fastener that is a tie bar that slides over the tie and shirt. Each of these has methods of how they are best applied, depending on the length and width of the tie you have chosen to wear.

When it comes to choosing a perfect tie for your wedding, you have plenty of options to consider. To start, it’s important to assess the formality of your event and determine the color scheme of the day. Once you have those details figured out, you can review the different tie options available for your wedding attendants and choose the perfect tie that best fits your vision. Additionally, you can explore various tying techniques to further distinguish yourself from the rest of the wedding party.


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