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Options For Repurposing Your Ceremony Décor

Options For Repurposing Your Ceremony Décor

You imagine your wedding day awash in flowers. From where you get ready to lining the aisle you walk down to every other place you can think of. You want to determine how you can do this the best way possible. Maybe you are wondering what happens to the flowers that were around the ceremony area after the ceremony is over. The guests will have moved on to cocktail hour, the pictures will be finished, so what happens to the flowers? You could consider repurposing them. Here are some options for repurposing your ceremony décor.


A great way to re-use your flowers is to have them become part of the centerpieces at your reception. While the guests are gathered at cocktail hour you could have your flowers redistributed to your reception location. Additionally, if you have additional décor items (candles, lanterns, etc.) these can also be incorporated into the centerpieces. This can bring continuity to your décor. Your head tables where your wedding attendants are could use the bouquets of your attendants to set the table off from the other tables.


If you have a beautiful sign that you used at your wedding, consider moving it to another location so people can still admire it. You might consider putting it by the cake display, depending on what it says. You can also move it to the reception entrance. If you have a specific place or display set up for guests to capture photos, your sign might work well there. Just make sure that the sign looks appropriate in the area you place it. You don’t want the sign too large or small and stand out for the wrong reasons.

Gift Table

Another great area to re-use your flowers is the gift table where guests either drop a card in a box or set their gifts in a secure place. The flowers from the ceremony are the perfect way to dress up the table. In this instance, you want to make sure that the flowers are not taking up valuable table space, and they are set up in a manner where guests feel comfortable still using the table. Flowers can be used, if there was any type of cloth or table covering used, this would be the perfect place to repurpose it as well.

Cake Display

The place where your cake is displayed could be another appropriate place to put flowers and décor from the wedding. If you have a floral arch or some type of larger display, it could be placed behind the cake. If you have additional tables around the cake or floor space, you could re-use medium displays in this area. The floral vendor can help you determine where best to place your wedding flowers if you want to repurpose them to enjoy them longer.

Sweetheart Table

If you had distinctive pieces that were used during the ceremony, you can set off the sweetheart table with these décor items. If you had a decorated alter, this could be the source of décor added to your sweetheart table. Again, candles, lanterns, beautiful greenery can all be used on the sweetheart table making sure that the view is not obscured for anyone in the process.

Repurposing your flowers and décor is a good way to have a cohesive look from the ceremony to the reception. Statement pieces, signage, and floral arches are excellent choices to re-use. Your floral vendor and wedding coordinators will be able to help you determine the logistics to ensure that all of the transitions go smoothly and you can just enjoy being newly married!


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