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Non-Dancing Activities to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Non-Dancing Activities to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

For some, dancing the night away at a reception is the perfect ending to a beautiful event. For others, they would rather do anything else than get on a dance floor. Weddings are special events where the happy couple wants everyone to have a great time and as much fun as possible. There are many non-dancing activities that can be incorporated into your big day to include as many of the guests as possible in the fun. Here are some non-dancing activities that do not include dancing for you to consider.

Photo Booth

One of the more popular items that is being incorporated into the wedding day is a photo booth. There can be props nearby for guests to grab and either wear or hold, there can be several backdrops for guests to stand in front of, or you can have a variety of setup options for the guests to interact with so that they can create fun photos to cherish for years to come. This type of activity has no true age limit, so all your guests can enjoy this. Additionally, depending on the size of the booth, many guests can get in on the pictures at the same time. These pictures can be displayed on a board for the guests to see and they can take them home from there if the pictures are not given straight to the guests after they are taken.

Karaoke/Sing Along

Another great option for your reception is to have a band or DJ play music that can either be sung to Karaoke style or you can play a Name That Tune game with your guests. With either choice, music can be from many eras to include all age groups in the festivities. It is best to keep the music clean and free from profanity and harsh lyrics for the enjoyment of all the guests. There can be a list of songs determined before the ceremony, and these festivities can kick off as the reception is in the later hours.


Other popular non-dancing activities are hiring interactive performers to mingle during the reception. These performers can put on a show in the middle of the dance floor, wear an interactive outfit (skirt that holds champagne flutes), or just walk through the reception interacting with the guests. People have hired robot performers, acrobatic performers, dancers, and more. These performers can be the first thing that guests see as they enter the ballroom from the cocktail hour, or you can make a special point of introducing them if they are going to perform in the middle of the dance floor.


Why not let your culinary tastes take center stage and have an alcohol or food-tasting section set up? You can have wine, beer, or various types of spirits set up. You can do blind taste tests where the guests must guess what they are tasting, or you can set up pairings of food and drink for the guests to discover. This can happen with desserts and coffee as well. You can even hire an expert to guide guests through the tasting and provide interesting facts and information about each selection. This adds an extra level of sophistication and can be a fun way to learn more about your favorite foods and beverages.

The choice is up to you and the options you have available. These tastings can be theme related, such as, if there were favorite foods you had growing up, there can be a tasting for those. If you had a favorite trip you took as a couple, the first meal you had as a couple, or your favorite wines or beers as some examples of where to start with your choices.

Lawn Games/Board Games

If any part of your celebration is outdoors, you can set up lawn-friendly games outside. These can include giant versions of games, such as Connect Four, Jenga, Checkers, and Chess. Cornhole is a popular game that people like to play. You just want to make sure you get the venue’s permission, and that none of the games that are set up or played are going to adversely affect the property’s landscape.

If your reception is going to remain indoors, you can consider setting up a lounge where board and card games can be played. This is another area where the couple’s favorites can be set out, or if you found wedding-themed games, then guests can try those.

Overall, there are plenty of alternatives to dancing that can keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout your wedding reception. Whether you choose one specific activity or provide a variety of options, your guests are sure to appreciate the effort you put into creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere.



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