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Memorable and Creative Touches for a Summer Wedding

Memorable and Creative Touches for a Summer Wedding

Summer is the season of weddings. Chances are you have numerous weddings to attend and possibly, even your own wedding. With all the summer weddings piling up, are you looking for a way to make your big day truly stand out? If so, here are some ideas for creative touches to make your summer wedding truly memorable!


Sparkler Sendoff

The great thing about a summer wedding in New Jersey is that you are able to take advantage of the great weather. What better way to do that than having your guests send you on your way with a sparkler sendoff outside the venue? Not only will it create lasting memories, but it’s also a great photo opportunity.


Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Summer and ice cream go hand in hand, which is what makes this such a great idea. When the night heats up on the dance floor, an ice cream sundae bar is the perfect way to help guests cool off. It’s definitely not something they will be quick to forget, especially if you put out a nice spread of toppings!


Fun Open-Air Photo Booth

Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular, but not in the traditional sense. More couples are turning to open-air photo booths with styled backdrops. Consider a vibrant floral display, lace curtains or other enchanting styles. Not only will it provide an experience for your guests, but the photos will ensure the memories last a lifetime!


S’mores Bar

When people think of summer, they think of bonfires. When thinking of bonfires, you’ll probably start thinking about S’mores! That’s why having an S’mores bar is an inexpensive way to add a creative touch to your wedding. Set up a station with marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate and let your guests roast them and enjoy!


Homemade Food Wedding Favors

Another way to incorporate summer into your wedding is by providing homemade wedding favors. Consider preparing and jarring salsa, jam, or other foods that are able to be preserved. Not only will your guests have a souvenir to take home, but when they use it afterward, they’re sure to remember your wedding with a smile.


Lemonade Stand

If you are getting married outdoors, a Lemonade stand is a great way to add a memorable touch to the big day. When guests arrive at the ceremony, have the staff hand out a delicious, thirst-quenching glass of lemonade. Not only will it help guests stay cool in the summer heat, but it’s also a memorable touch that they can enjoy.


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Perhaps the best way to make your summer wedding stand out is by having it at an estate wedding venue like The Park Savoy Estate! Our stunning wedding venue is something that will have your guests talking for years to come. From hosting a memorable, intimate ceremony in our gorgeous outdoor garden, to a thrilling unforgettable night of dancing in our ballroom, The Park Savoy Estate is the perfect backdrop for your summer wedding. Call us today to schedule a tour and learn more about the great features of our estate wedding venue in New Jersey.

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