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Maximizing Impact With Ceremony Aisle Décor

Maximizing Impact With Ceremony Aisle Décor

Your wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment as a couple. You want to make sure every detail of your wedding is perfect. One area that deserves attention is your ceremony aisle. Your aisle décor can have a major impact on the mood for the day! You can choose a petal strewn aisle, elaborate flower arrangements, a lantern adorned aisle, candles, and more. Here are some ways to maximize the impact of your ceremony aisle to create an unforgettable wedding experience.


A well-known ceremony aisle option is the runner. These are usually made of paper or fabric and are laid down the length of the aisle. While they used to be laid down to protect the wedding dress and trains, they are more of a statement piece now. These are available in a variety of designs and materials which will work with any style and color palette. The runner can be used by itself or have flower petals sprinkled on it. There are many ways to secure the runner as well, so people do not inadvertently trip on it.


Another great option for your wedding aisle is draping fabric along the chairs or pews. This can be used to soften hard edges or angles from the seating, raise the level of elegance for the event, or be used to minimize or hide any imperfections. The fabric will be tied into your wedding palette and can elevate the beauty of your day.


Adding a romantic ambiance to your event can be achieved by lining your ceremony aisle with candles or lanterns. These can either be placed along the floor on the aisle or the lanterns can be hung on the seating or short posts along the way. There are many electric options for lanterns and candles if you are worried about flames. At sunset or outdoor nighttime weddings, lanterns or candles can add a beautiful glow.


Simple or ornate flower arrangements can be used along the aisle as well. You can either have flowers all the way down the aisle or have a beautiful display at the beginning and/or end. Small florals can be attached to each seating aisle, or you can run a garland string all the way down. The guests would just need to enter the aisle from the other side. With this option, the opportunities seem endless. There are any number of florals that would be available, along with adding greenery and ribbon to create a stunning display.


If you are getting married in the fall months, you might consider using natural décor to line your aisle. You could have a display of colorful leaves, twigs wrapped in ribbon, dried flowers, pumpkins/squash, corn stalks, little mason jars filled with flowers, and anything else that makes you feel close to nature.


While all of these are beautiful options by themselves, you can also incorporate a few of these choices together. Candles and flowers can be mixed down the aisle, runners with lanterns, nature with draping, or anything that you desire. That’s what’s great about ceremony aisles; there are so many options!

You will need to check with your venue to determine if there are any limitations to any décor that you can use. Once that is determined, you can decorate your aisle and dial up the romance for the day!



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