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How to Make Your Wedding Invitation Stand Out

How to Make Your Wedding Invitation Stand Out

So many weddings have similar elements—decor, structure, symbolism—that it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. One way to make your event distinctive is to create a truly unique wedding invitation—one that will catch the eye of every invited guest and secure a good turnout for your celebration. Discover how to make your wedding invitation stand out! 

Comic Book Style Invitations 

Do you have a friend who is an artist or illustrator? Hire that friend—or a professional—to craft a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation for you, comic-book style.  

One couple’s invitation featured the two of them as a zombie-killing team with the tagline ” ‘Til Death do us part.” Another featured a graphic-novel feel, while another was designed like a comic strip. The broad variety of graphic art styles means that you can play around with format and feel until you land on a design you love.  

Video Invitations 

If you want to incorporate modern technology in your invitation, consider filming a wedding invitation video and sending it out to all your prospective guests. You’ll need a paper version too, for elderly relatives and friends—but you should be able to reach most of your intended guest list with a creative video invitation starring the two of you. 

Themes abound for this kind of invitation. You could go with black-and-white movie, Old Hollywood glamour, Indiana Jones style adventure, thriller, or rom-com. Talk to a videographer to get more ideas for the project.  

Mug Shot Invitations 

An invitation that looks like a police file pairs well with save-the-date cards featuring fake mug shots of you and your spouse-to-be. The format enables you to include all pertinent event details while setting the tone for a fun, casual, out-of-the-box kind of wedding. A “Wanted” poster invitation could also do the trick if you’re going for a more rustic outlaw aesthetic.  

Unusual Materials for Wedding Invitations 

Your wedding invitation could maintain a traditional format while being set apart by the use of unusual materials. Burlap, vellum, metallic foils, fabric, string, ribbons, and buttons, are just a few options. Some couples choose to incorporate acrylic, mother-of-pearl, leather, or crocheted lace. While these invitations are definitely more expensive to fabricate and mail than the plain paper versions, they are worth the money if your primary goal is to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.  

Photographs and Art for Wedding Invitations 

You can commission a one-of-a-kind photo or a piece of art to use for your invitations. Photos, sketches, and water-color paintings lend themselves well to this type of design. One couple arranged a romantic photoshoot that included a fun, surprising Easter egg—a velociraptor hiding in the trees in the background.  

One way to make your wedding unique is to hold it at a spectacular venue. Nanina’s in the Park has beautiful interior rooms and stunning grounds that are sure to wow your guests. To schedule a tour or to find out more, feel free to contact our event team at the estate anytime.  

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