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How to Do a Non-White Wedding Dress

How to Do a Non-White Wedding Dress

Let’s face it, couples these days are starting to buck more and more wedding “traditions.” Fewer couples are doing the standard “cake cutting” and typical wedding favors. Outdoor weddings are also becoming increasingly popular as couples look to get married outside the religious realm. In the same sense, brides are also beginning to turn away from standard white bridal dresses. Not only will this save you money—buying a dress not classified as a ‘wedding’ dress can save hundreds, if not thousands—but it can also allow you to show off a bit of your personality. It’s your day, wear what you want!


Navy Bohemian Look

As bohemian themed weddings grow in popularity, more brides are turning to a non-white wedding dress that truly allows them to show a bit of personality. Try a stunning navy blue lace dress with a white veil or white flower crown for a truly unique look.


Two-Toned Outfit

Another misconception about wedding dresses is that they must be just that, a dress. This year, brides are turning away from dresses in the traditional sense to opt for a two-piece, two-toned outfit. By mixing and matching colors, you can pay homage to the traditional white, but still include a pop of subtle color.


Blushing Bride

While not a huge diversion from the traditional white wedding dress, a blush dress is a great way to step outside of tradition while not moving too far past it. Rose gold is continuing to grow in popularity, especially for wedding accents, and a blush wedding dress is a great way to show off your subtle love of pink.


Bold in Black

Who says your soon-to-be-husband is the only one that can rock black on the wedding day? While definitely a bold option that isn’t right for all brides, black wedding dresses can be truly stunning. Pair it with a simple bouquet of crisp, white flowers and you’ll have all the guests talking when you stroll down the aisle to meet your match.



If you’re looking to wear a non-white wedding dress, but aren’t comfortable wearing an extremely bold color in its stead, you can try wearing a pastel wedding dress. Instead of stark white, choose a dress that has a subtle blue, teal, purple, or pink hue. It’s a discreet way to incorporate some color into your wedding dress without going over the top.


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