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How to Choose Wedding Ceremony Hymns – and 10 Popular Ones You’ll Love!

How to Choose Wedding Ceremony Hymns – and 10 Popular Ones You’ll Love!

When you get married, there are countless decisions to make. You have to decide on a venue, flowers, a DJ, food menu, guest list, and more! The reception isn’t the only arena you’ll have to make decisions for either. There’s also much to consider regarding your ceremony. Will you host it at a church or outdoors? Who will perform the ceremony? Will there be readings, and if so, who will give them? Another aspect that needs your attention is what wedding ceremony hymns you’ll choose.

Hymns are traditional parts of church weddings, but even if you’re not getting married at a church you can incorporate them. The tricky part is that there are so many wedding ceremony hymns to choose from. If you’re wondering what wedding ceremony hymn to choose, keep reading!

Ask Your Religious Leader their Opinion

There are typically two to three hymns used for religious wedding ceremonies. The first hymn comes at the beginning and the last hymn comes right before the final blessing. If you are struggling to find the right hymn, ask your religious leader if they have any suggestions. They’ve done countless wedding ceremonies and will have some good insight for you.

See If There Are Any Hymns Special to Your Family

Another option is to see if there are any special wedding ceremony hymns for your family. Are you grandparents your inspiration when it comes to true love? If so, why not ask what wedding ceremony hymn they used and incorporate that into your ceremony. Or, if a couple meaningful to you have passed away, consider using their wedding hymns to incorporate them into the ceremony.

Use One of the Top 10 Popular Wedding Hymns

Finally, if you’re still struggling to find the right wedding ceremony hymn for your big day, you can simply select from a list of the most popular wedding ceremony hymns. These popular hymns include: Amazing Grace, Give Me Joy In My Heart, Make Me a Channel of Your Peace, We Pledge to One Another, All Things Bright and Beautiful, Love Divine All Loves Excelling, Praise My Soul the King of Heaven, I Danced in the Morning, Step by Step, and Jerusalem.  If you’re wondering what these actually sound like, simply look them up online and give them a listen.

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