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Halloween Wedding Etiquette

Halloween Wedding Etiquette

Halloween weddings don’t have to be garish parties draped with orange and black, dominated by plastic and polyester. They can be deliciously dark, glamorous, gorgeous affairs—so if you’re invited to one, by all means, say “yes!”

Halloween weddings also come with extra questions and challenges that guests may face. Explore our tips for Halloween wedding etiquette so you can blend in and enjoy the event.

Read the Invitation Carefully

When you receive the wedding invitation, read it thoroughly. Most likely, the bride and groom will have specified the tone and formality of the wedding, either within the invitation wording or by the type of invitation. A more elegant invitation means you should keep your attire formal; a fun, quirky invitation indicates something a bit more casual.

The marrying couple should definitely specify whether or not they want guests to appear in costume. If nothing is said about costumes and you’re not sure if a costume is appropriate or preferred, call the couple to ask.

Choose Your Costume Wisely

If costumes are encouraged, take your cue from the formality of the invitation. Some Halloween weddings are more formal—think the glamorous masquerade ball from The Phantom of the Opera. Others are more casual and laid-back, in which case your hosts will welcome many kinds of costumes.

Be sure that you avoid costumes that are too overtly sexy or too gory, especially if you know that children will be present. If in doubt, contact the couple or a knowledgeable member of the wedding party to ask.

Buy a Gift

As with all weddings, it’s appropriate to bring, buy, or send a gift for the happy couple. Avoid gag gifts and spooky joke presents—instead, stick with a gift that’s more meaningful or useful. Check the couple’s wedding registry, where you’ll find all kinds of items on their wishlist. Most wedding registries include items at varying price points, so you’ll surely be able to find something that fits your budget and shows your care for the couple.

Find Out If Children Are Included

If children are welcome at the wedding, the invitation should state that fact. However, if the invitation formally names the invited individuals, or specifies “Ms./Mr. Smith and Guest,” it’s a good bet that you should leave the children with a sitter. However, as with all these dilemmas, it’s advisable to ask the groom or bride if you’re unsure. If they request that you not bring the children along, agree graciously with the understanding that their budget and venue may not make it possible for them to include everyone.

Mention Dietary Restrictions

If you have health issues or dietary restrictions that prevent you from consuming sugary treats, you may want to speak with the couple about those needs ahead of time. Halloween weddings are notorious for incorporating candy and sweets; and while the hosts will likely plan some sugar-free options, it’s always helpful to have a headcount of those who may need to avoid the sugar.

If you’d like to schedule a Halloween wedding or a similar event at a beautiful estate, contact Nanina’s in the Park today and we’ll set you up with a tour date. Our stunning grounds and magnificent halls are perfect for a gorgeously spooky celebration of your marriage.

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