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Gifts for the In-laws

Gifts for the In-laws

Are you supposed to give your future in-laws a gift at your wedding? While it’s not necessarily required by deeply rooted tradition, giving a gift to your future father and mother-in-law—or mothers/fathers-in-law for children of same-sex couples—on your wedding is a touching gesture. They’ve likely spent time, energy, and money helping to plan the wedding and this is your chance to not only thank them for that, but also for raising the partner of your dreams. These gifts don’t need to be expensive but should come from the heart. Keep it sweet, simple, and sentimental!


While brides often have so many tasks to take care of before the wedding, it’s important to find a way to thank you soon to be in-laws for their contributions to both your wedding and in raising your partner.

Gifts for mother in law

Sometimes the best gifts you can give is time and this is the case that might be true. By including your future mother-in-law in some of your pre-wedding festivities you can make her feel welcome and included. She might not have a daughter, so letting her come dress shopping or going shopping with her is a sweet gesture. If you’re insistent on giving a gift, you can go with a sweet picture frame or jewelry box.

Gifts for father in law

This is the man responsible for raising the man—or woman for same-sex couples—of your dreams and as stoic as he may seem, it’s nice to let him know that. Consider a handkerchief that is embroidered with your wedding date and a touching note like, “Thanks for raising the man of my dreams!”


Typically, grooms are a bit less involved in wedding planning than the brides. That should give you plenty of time to find the perfect gift to thank your soon to be in-laws for raising the woman that is working so diligently to plan your wedding!

Gifts for mother in law

Mothers want to know that their children are always going to be well cared for and that is what you should try to portray to them. One way through this is a sweet, handwritten note expressing how you will always care for them. Another thoughtful idea is a cuff bracelet or charm bracelet engraved with “I will always take care of her,” or something along those lines.

Gifts for father in law

Consider your future father-in-law’s hobbies and try to pick a gift that is themed. If he loves enjoying a cup of coffee on his patio, get him a coffee cup labeled “Father of the Groom.” If fishing is his hobby, consider getting him an engraved lure thanking him for raising the man of your dreams.


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