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From Bouquets to Boutonnieres: A Guide to Wedding Day Flowers

From Bouquets to Boutonnieres: A Guide to Wedding Day Flowers

Your wedding can be made even more magical with the addition of flowers! They can be integrated into every aspect of your day. They add a pop of color, elevate the beauty of the event, and can bring your wedding, reception, and pre-wedding activities together by coordinating your floral looks between each of these. Choosing the perfect wedding day flowers can seem like a big task. Deciding where you want to add florals, determining how many florals to use, and which specific flowers to incorporate can be overwhelming if you do not have a lot of experience decorating. Here are some ideas for where florals can be utilized for your big day!

Wedding Party Flowers

Everyone in your wedding party can have flowers as part of their wedding attire. There are the bouquets that can be carried down the aisle, the men can have boutonnieres, and mothers and grandmothers can wear corsages. The wedding attendants can have the same bouquets or coordinated looks between them that allow maid/matrons of honor to be set apart from the other attendants. Each of the bouquets can also be completely different from each other, but in the same color scheme as the wedding color palette.flow

Another wedding day flower option would be to incorporate flowers into the updos for the wedding party. This can either be integrated into the hair or made into a floral wreath to wear on top of the head. The floral wreath could be utilized by the flower girl. Flowers can also be braided into the hair or clipped on depending on the look you are going for.

As with the bouquets, the same can be done with the boutonnieres. They can all be the same or certain ones can be set apart to highlight certain attendants. Corsages are a beautiful way to acknowledge the women in your life who’ve helped shape you into the person you are today. A florist can listen to your ideas and give you their opinion about what options would work for your wedding day.

Ceremony Flowers

Another great place to utilize flowers is during the ceremony. You can have displays at the beginning or end of the aisle or lining the aisle as everyone processes down it. If there is an altar, you can adorn that with flowers or you can place them on the back of the chairs where the guests sit. These displays can be just flowers or integrated with other décor options, such as candles, lanterns, nature materials, or more to add another layer of beauty to your event.

Additionally, flowers can be incorporated into the procession down the aisle. Various people can be tasked with spreading flowers as they walk down the aisle. These can be casually dropped from a basket, normally seen with flower girls, but have also been incorporated using other members of the wedding party for a different twist.

Reception Décor

Another place to incorporate flowers into your day is throughout your reception. Flowers can be placed at the entrance, around the cake, or integrated into the layers of the cake, the table for wedding cards, and as centerpieces on all the tables, including the head table and sweetheart tables. If you have a cocktail hour before your wedding, you can place flowers around the bar and around the food displays.

Choosing Your Flowers

When you are working on choosing the type of flowers you want, you should consider your wedding colors, which flowers are in season, and if you want to incorporate the symbolism of the flowers that you use. As an example, roses symbolize love and baby’s breath symbolizes everlasting love. It is important to have a clear budget for flowers and choose the number of flowers that wow and not overwhelm. Your florist can help you determine your floral options when you go in for a consultation with them. You should let them know your budget and the thoughts you have regarding where you want to integrate flowers into your day and then listen to their ideas for how best to do this. By considering all of the elements, you can create a cohesive and stunning look that reflects your personal style and love story.


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