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2020 Wedding Trends: What to Expect for the Coming Year

2020 Wedding Trends: What to Expect for the Coming Year

Is your wedding scheduled for sometime in 2020? Maybe you don’t have the ring or the date yet, but you’ve got the feeling that special day is coming! It’s never too soon to start thinking about your themes and ideas for the big celebration. Check out these 2020 wedding trends you’ll see everywhere during the coming year.

Sustainable Weddings

With the increased stress on the climate and the planet as a whole, many brides and grooms are thinking more deeply about the impact their occasion may have on the environment. Take some time to consider how you could minimize your carbon footprint and benefit the earth with your wedding.

Eliminating plastic from the wedding, using paper straws, choosing supplies made from recycled or recyclable materials, and using an in-house catering service at your venue can all save energy and materials while minimizing waste and environmental impact. You could even gift your guests with seeds or tiny tree saplings to plant, as wedding favors.

2020 Wedding Dress Trends

Next spring, wedding dress designers are bringing back some favorite trends with a twist.

3D Florals

For spring 2020, flowers are popping out on wedding veils or wedding gowns. Go light and delicate with tiny three-dimensional blossoms or over-the-top with huge, gorgeous blooms. Fabric flowers look great across a bodice, sprinkled over a skirt, clustered on the hem of a gown, or festooned along the waist or hip of the dress.

Big Ball Gown

Craving the princess look? It’s back in, with gorgeous gowns that stand out from the waist and create a magnificent, stately silhouette.

Wedding Capes

If you’re not thrilled with the veil idea, try a cape instead. For 2020, gauzy capes and capelets are in. They’re made of wedding veil materials like organza, chiffon, and silk tulle, and they do a great job of adding to the magic of the occasion.

A Dramatic Wedding Cake—Or Cakes?

A fantastic wedding cake can be a real showstopper at a wedding. But why have just one? Some celebrities are finding it difficult to choose just one or two cakes, and they’re going all out with three or more options.

Whether you choose one variety or several, make sure that the cakes are fabulous works of art. brush strokes and edibly painted icing, geode cakes and edible flowers, gin flavoring and dripped icing are all popular trends in wedding cakes.

2020 Wedding Decor

Unique decor will play a huge role in 2020 weddings. Creative, sophisticated tablescapes; warm, stylish mix-and-match lighting options; and daring, on-trend patterns are hot in the coming year. Instead of the standard arch at the front of the ceremony space, try a hexagonal, triangular, circular, or rectangular option festooned with large blooms.

If you’re still in the planning stages for your 2020 wedding, go ahead and give us a call at Nanina’s in the Park. We can set you up with an in-person tour, and you can also take a virtual tour on our website. Once you see the beautiful ballrooms and exquisite gardens at Nanina’s in the Park, you’ll want to reserve a date for your wedding right away, before our 2020 calendar fills up.

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Source: 2020 Wedding Trends: What to Expect for the Coming Year


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